Anansi Boys

anansiboysSo if I had to choose a favorite author it would probably be Neil Gaiman. I’ve only actually read three of his works, but one of his novels, Neverwhere, is my favorite book of all time. I think I’m going to start trying to get more into Gaiman and make it a goal of mine to start reading some of his other books because I just finished Anansi Boys and I loved it!

This novel held a lot of interest for me, especially because I love reading fantastical books and that seems to be Gaiman’s specialty. The book dealt with a son, Fat Charlie Nancy, who undergoes a life-changing transformation throughout the novel when discovering that his overly embarrassing father was actually a god, Anansi. After meeting his brother, Spider, one day by asking a small spider to retrieve him, his life is never the same afterward. His brother helps him to lose his job, steal his fiance, and turn his entire world upside down. However in the end of the novel you see a complete character reversal as Fat Charlie transforms into Charles (finally) and Spider loses his arrogance and becomes a more realistic character.

The character development in the novel is extraordinary where a reader feels as if they are actually embarrassed by Fat Charlie’s father and can almost understand his desire to get away from him. However, there is also a strong dislike for the protagonist who seems stubborn and rather boring until the end of the novel where he finally decides to suspend reality and let go of his stubbornness. Spider is the character that the reader loves to hear about and is clearly the favorite brother both within and outside of the novel.

The entire novel also ties together very well with comedic aspects woven throughout. Gaiman has a sarcastic sense of humor that he adds periodically to his novels that can make a reader literally laugh out loud at points. Gaiman hints are parts of the novel that do not become exposed until later, drawing the reader in with suspense and interest. Overall the novel is well written, interesting, and although the end is a little predictable, it was still definitely worth reading.

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