Harry Potter vs. Twilight

harrypotterOne movie that is coming out soon and causing a buzz like it does every year is the new Harry Potter. Unfortunately, I am not in on the whole Harry Potter movie craze, but I do have a minor obsession with the books. I am a huge advocate for the creation of an alternative universe where wizards, witches, werewolves, vampires, and the like all exist and unimaginable things can happen. I read all seven books back-to-back two summers ago and loved every second of it. However, I cannot get into the movies at all. J.K. Rowling has a way with dragging readers in, creating an obsession and fascination with Harry Potter and his English wizarding world. Unfortunately Hollywood destroys that by creating movies that try to make viewers laugh at awkward interactions between characters and leaves out parts that readers see as crucial in the books (which for a dedicated reader is every sentence of every book). My favorite book was the fourth, The Goblet of Fire, where Harry is entered mysteriously into the Tri Wizard Tournament. The book was done in an elegant way and finally introduced the reader into the realism of Voldemort and his power. However the movie lacked transitions between scenes where a viewer would be watching Hermoine, Harry, and Ron outside and then jump to a scene which is completely unrelated and leaving that viewer confused as to how she got there in the first place. The worst part about this movie is that it is for the seventh book and they (finally) decided to split it into halves to incorporate more of the story. This is probably something that should have been done from the start if they wanted to recreate the stories more accurately, but now it just feels as if Hollywood is trying to scam some extra cash out of the fans. They are going to drag people in, tempt them with this movie, and then slap on a “To Be Continued…” and charge another $11.50 for the next half of a more than likely horrible movie. Yet people go crazy for it, including myself.

I can’t bring up the Harry Potter series without mentioning the now equally popular Twilight saga. Like I said earlier, this is right uptwilight my reading alley and I have actually read through the series twice. However, after being fully enticed up until the third book, waiting anxiously for the release of Breaking Dawn, and then being thoroughly disgusted and disappointed, I can say that Stephanie Meyers can never compare to J.K. Rowling. The second time I read through the series, I no longer liked the romance between Edward and Bella, but saw it for the cliché and silly thing that it was. Every romantic cliché that one can think of is used between the two protagonists to the point that a reader might want to induce vomiting to make finishing it easier. Aside from that, Meyers has so many spelling mistakes that her editors did not catch that it leaves one to wonder how many they did find. The movies speak for themselves in horror by hiring Kristen Stewart to play the main role of Bella. Being one of the worst actresses in Hollywood is no easy feat of course, and unfortunately she only brings Twilight down further by falling into her usual monotone and depressed character. Luckily she fits right in with the New Moon movie since all that Bella really does in that book is cry and deal (not well either) with her first break up. If only everyone in life could be as lucky as this girl to have their first break up end so easily and then to find themselves back with that person, but alas only in the books can it happen. The first three novels really are not that bad when you get past all the clichés and spelling errors, but Breaking Dawn is what really set me over. Meyers ties up every single character into a sickeningly happy ending where they become the happiest of little families in a happy little house living happily ever after. She also jumped into the maturity creating a sex filled and bloody story that I cannot wait to see depicted within its PG-13 limitations.

For me as far as novels go, I would have to say that J.K. Rowling wins the fantasy world challenge with Harry Potter, having created a world that most people would want to join while Stephanie Meyers merely reminds everybody that perfect love is not real and if it were, would we really want to have it or would we just be sick to our stomachs after so many love filled clichés? As far as movies go, it is pretty hard to say because while Kristen Stewart manages to drain the excitement out of a vampire and werewolf battle, the Harry Potter movies move around so much that it’s a surprise more viewers do not have whiplash. I just cannot bear to pick a winner of worst movie series unfortunately, so we will just have to call it a tie for now. Maybe after the release of the Breaking Dawn movie, depending on how blown away I am (seeing a maybe half-vampire tear its way out of Kristen Stewart’s lifeless body should be interesting enough) then maybe we will have a winner afterall.

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