Via Audio & Jukebox the Ghost


On December 12th at a Teen Center in Connecticut, I saw two great bands, Jukebox the Ghost and Via Audio, both of which I have seen before so I knew what to expect in a way. Overall the show was really great, but my biggest complaint was with the crowd. A band called Dynamite Walls opened and they were pretty good; some of their songs sounded a little redundant and unfortunately the mics were pretty low so it was hard to hear a lot of the singing. But overall I think they had a pretty nice and relaxed stage presence which was nice for an opener. Via Audio played next and were completely unknown to almost everyone at the show. Like the first time I saw them, I fell in love with Via Audio while they dance on stage to their songs, especially lead vocalist Jessica Martins who dances around her keyboard and gives the band an overall cute presence. Jukebox’s performance was great and the crowd got particularly into dancing and singing which was nice to see finally. They are clearly an incredibly talented band, especially keyboardist Ben Thornewill who is great to watch and definitely knows what he’s doing. They made a cover of Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas’ song “What’s This?” which was an extremely difficult feat, but they performed it with precision and skill. The last song was a Cure cover encore where all the other bands joined in dancing around on stage and playing various instruments, giving a great ending to a fun show and leaving everyone in a positive mood.

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