Ava (:

Ava (:About two weeks ago I got a new kitten, Ava, who I love so so much! I found an ad for free kittens on Craigslist and I contacted them, drove the 45 minutes out there, and got my new baby. If you don’t know or use Craigslist often you should look into it because I think it’s a great resource. I’ve used it for finding apartments to live in, jobs, or random stuff I’ve wanted to purchase or find for free. You could also use it to reconnect with someone, sell/give away something, or hire somebody. Basically, I love it because it helped me find my kitty. (:

She is a maine coon tiger kitten about four months old and is so affectionate. She loves people, but is completely skittish around any other animal. Hopefully I’ll break her of that habit though seeing as we have a dog at my house when I’m not in school. She’s constantly purring and nipping/licking me, and just following me around the house. I love  this cat and I’m so grateful to Craigslist. 😀

One thought on “Ava (:

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