I just finished Koren Zailckas’ Smashed: Story of a Drunken Girlhood and I found myself drawn in to the distressing tale of Zailckas’ life with the aid of alcohol.

At first, I had tried to read this book about a year or two ago and could not focus or get hooked. But once I got past the slow introduction which was just straight facts and into the actual history of her drinking, that is when the book became easier to read. She retells her affliction with alcohol, always maintaining that she is not an alcoholic because she was able to stop at times and never felt like she needed it to get by; it was just something nice to have and she considers her relationship with drinking as alcohol abuse. I think it really is an important book for most teenage girls to read (I have to agree with the back cover here) because it has become such an important part of adolescence and college for people to drink to have fun. There were so many times where I caught myself trying to check my life against hers to see if I could relate and should consider myself or people i know problem drinkers like Zailckas does (luckily I do not see myself in this category *phew*). She makes an important point about how alcohol has become a crutch in cases of extreme emotions and that it also leads to so many accidents and problems for the future. I also really enjoyed how she added a lot of feminist facts into the novel, showing how drinking further objectifies women. It is sad to know how low Zailckas’ self-esteem is which she brings into focus while analyzing her past with alcohol, and how she believes that none of her friendships were real because they all had a foundation on drinking. It is a really eye-opening novel and if anyone knows somebody who may have a drinking problem, then they should be encouraged to read this.

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