You Better Not Cry: Stories for Christmas

youbetternotOkay so I can officially say that I absolutely LOVED this book so so much! It had everything in it that you’d expect from Augusten Burroughs, plus oh so much more! The beginning started out similarly to Running with Scissors with his hilariously sarcastic and brutally honest humor. He exposes parts of his past that most would be embarrassed about with a brave, “Yeah, well it happened so whatever” attitude. I personaålly loved Running with Scissors and thoroughly enjoy that sort of humor (similar in a way to David Sedaris’, except Burroughs has a bit more crudeness to his stories). Suddenly the book takes a turn to the epiphany side where he wakes up with a bunch of homeless people, one of which a drunken, heroin junkie ex-singer, who helps him realize that maybe he does have a problem with alcohol. The next two stories go on to embody his most important relationship with a man named George who eventually dies of AIDS and then with his newest boyfriend, Dennis, who he has dated for six years at the time of the last story. The story with George actually had me crying because he was so sweet about the man and the relationship, and it just felt so heartwrenching to know that he would die from the start pretty much. So this book made me go from crying from laughter to crying out of sadness. Damn. I was actually shocked at how stories revolving around Christmas were able to hold so much depth and give such character development; they weren’t just one-sided silly little tales, but they helped to paint a picture of Burroughs from childhood into his twenties into his more mature adult years.

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