Ducan the Wonder Dog

ducanAlright, so this was my first graphic novel that I’ve read and I really enjoyed it. But I hated getting to the end and find a “To be continued…” and then after researching around realizing that I have to wait an indefinite amount of time for the other EIGHT in the series to be completed! Dammit!

This graphic is really interesting because it creates animals as characters that are like people; they have their own thoughts, they can speak, and some are smart enough to be involved in the government and certain businesses. There’s the constant struggle of trying to create an equality harmony among the animals and the people, and I really liked that idea. Weird part: the woman dating a monkey. I get what’s going on is supposed to be equality to the max and that they are really on the same point as people, but I feel like that’s still a little strange and potentially illegal. The characters are a little confusing at times because some of them look a lot alike, and I feel like there were some pages of random animals speaking that had nothing to do with the story as a whole. There might be a flock of birds talking about some dog they’re friends with, or various farm animals quoting back a bible verse. Maybe all graphic novels do this though and it was probably conveying some deeper under-the-surface point. I’m not really sure, but I felt like there were definitely times where I missed some things. Overall though, I did get what the point was and I will definitely want to read the next one. I’m also curious to see if ‘Duncan the Wonder Dog’ is even a character and how he plays into it, because there wasn’t even a significant dog character in this book.

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