frankensteinRereading Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein left me with a completely different opinion of how I felt the first time around and also the realization that I didn’t remember nearly as much of it as I thought I did. In my mind, it was the typical movie story of the monster terrorizing the town and being brought down by a mob of anger villagers. It’s strange, especially because I’ve never even seen a Frankenstein movie before.

I truly felt bad for the monster. Regardless of how many people faint or throw up at the sight of him, I just cannot fathom a creature that is so ugly that people feel the need to beat it senselessly or try to kill it without listening to what it has to say. I guess those were just some different times…

I also found myself thinking Frankenstein was an annoying and sort of an idiot at times. Clearly the monster was toying with him after killing his best friend, wife, and leading to the death of his father. He led him into a climate that was too cold for him to survive in and left notes telling him where food could be found. He kept him alive so that he could torture him and find amusement from that because he was so angry. If Frankenstein had just tried to mourn on his own and not dedicated his life to fighting for vengeance, then that probably would have made the monster angry and put the creator back into the seat of power. It would’ve probably even brought the monster right up to his door where he could get his chance to finally fight it, or whatever he was planning on doing to it. Fighting it probably wouldn’t end too nicely for him either actually. Overall it just sort of drove me a little crazy to see him play so easily into the monster’s hands, but I really did kind of want the monster to win. He deserved a mate, or some sort of companion, and it was Frankenstein’s fault that he was so ugly and that he had no one else but himself. It’s a sad life and Frankenstein pretty much taunted the monster with the things he could not obtain. Killing them was probably sort of necessary actually, because how else was he going to deliver his point home? I guess I can empathize with him and his extreme loneliness – it’s similar to how people curse God for being lonely.

Poor, sad monster. ):

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