Chuck Palahniuk’s Choke for me was definitely…interesting. At first I didn’t really like it that much and it kind of gave me an overall depressed sort of feeling. There’s just so much negativity and I guess it affected me pretty strongly. However, when Paige Marshall started mentioning how Victor was the second coming of Jesus, I actually got more into it. I thought it was a strange deviation from where I saw the story going originally and I was not entirely convinced by it, which is why I think I liked the ending so much. With such a dismal character who tried to take advantage of other people, it was so hard to believe that there was going to be something positive out of that. It gave a funny perspective, though, that by thinking of taking advantage of others strictly for personal gain like Victor Mancini did could be construed in a way as positive almost. Like there’s a positive outlook on everything. I liked that. And finding out that Paige was a patient at the hospital was just great for me. I honestly wasn’t expecting it at all, and it really pulled me into the story more and made it all just seem so much more realistic. So I think I actually did end up really liking this book, even though at first it kind of bothered me. It just took a little getting used to I suppose.

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