Y: The Last Man

y.thelastmanMy second graphic novel – wayyyyy more impressed this time around! Not that I wasn’t impressed by Duncan the Wonder Dog, but this series became something that I was actually anxious to read from book to book. And I also guess there was the fact that this time I DID get to finish the whole series without a painful cliffhanger.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the crazy sexual tension that writer Brian K. Vaughan was able to create between cartoon characters. The entire time I found myself wanting Yorak’s girlfriend, Beth to be dead so that him and Agent 355 would have their chance to be together. It was really easy to get wrapped up in the storyline and I never once had an issue with confusing characters, which is not something that can always be said about graphics. I also really enjoyed the concept. A post apocalyptic world where only the men were murdered by some mysterious plague. I’m a sucker for post apocalyptic stories in the first place, but this was incredibly unique. I usually consider myself at least moderately feminist, but this made me really hate the idea of a world run solely by women. It’s just way too realistic that there would be so many crazy women running around trying to kill anything slightly phallic or masculine because it was “God or Nature or fill in the blank’s Grand Plan.” A lot of women would totally get carried away with it and go anti-male crazy.

It was so hard for me to deal with 355’s death because I loved her so much. And right at the moment when her and Yorick finally admit their true feelings for one another and how he believes her to be his driving force behind life – BAM! Bullet to the head. It literally made me gasp out loud. But that also makes me just love the graphic a little more. As for the cause of the plague, I cannot decide at all what it could possibly be. The evolutionary explanation was a little too far-fetched for me, and any spiritual reasoning doesn’t leave much of an impression on me. I thought the proof about Ampersand’s feces holding an antibody and protecting Yorick was pretty valid. For me anyway. Ugh, I just loved it so much maybe I’ll read it again sometime soon and have even more to say!

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