Just read Watchmen by Alan Moore anddddd I just found myself bored for a lot of it. But I think it’s really just me here. I think I just don’t like literature about superheroes and this was how I discovered it. I liked the overall story, and the ending reminded me of 9/11 conspiracy theories which I used to (slash still do) entertain. By tearing people apart with a tragedy and having it lead ultimately to their unity was proven through the attacks on the World Trade Center, which made the ending of the graphic a lot more compelling. Well, that’s if you believe any ideas that the government may have purposefully created the September 11th attacks, but I don’t want people to call me anti-American or anything. So I’ll keep my opinions on that to myself. (:

Anyway, in the graphic there were a lot of interesting sections to split up the chapters – excerpts from Veidt’s novel, news reports, Rorschach’s psychiatric evaluation… But for some reason a lot of it bored me and was difficult for me to power through. I guess I just can’t cut it with the traditional superhero comic.

I have seen the movie, but I really don’t remember much of it. I recall people saying the endings were drastically different and that’s what ruined the movie for everyone. At the time, I thought it was an all right movie, but I didn’t care enough to remember it and I probably won’t ever see it again. It was just one of those movies. I saw a great article that I really enjoyed reading about all the nitpicky little differences – obviously able to talk about it a lot better than I could.

I like Batman, I like Spiderman, I don’t care for Superman, and I guess that’s how I also feel about the Watchmen.

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