Not Forgetting

I’m not always the most supportive of America’s system of government, mostly because greed and corruption disgust me and that’s what our country is run by. And there are times when I get so frustrated that I want to pick up and move to Italy on a whim. But I don’t think any of that warrants fostering any negativity towards 9/11 and what it has come to stand for. It’s one of those dates that everyone will remember exactly where they were, what they were doing, and what they were thinking. (I was in 7th grade history with Mrs. Kane watching the planes hit the towers because we accidentally turned on TV. My class joked and made sarcastic noises, thinking it was a clip of a video game or something. Then our principal told us to turn off the TVs and computers and we were stuck in ignorance for the rest of the school day as periodically our classmates were removed from class throughout the day.) I have heard and seen a lot of people acting as if they don’t care for 9/11, saying they’ll remember 9/11 ten years later by ignoring it. I’m not supporting anything showy like inflatable flags on front lawns or some other symbol that screams, “HEY! I remember 9/11 more than my neighbor does and look at how I’m proving that to you!” Unfortunately a lot of America shows how it cares through ruthless displays of wealth, which ends up being more of an assertion of power than actually caring.

Regardless of what the conspiracy theories say, the country was ravaged by this. And being so close to the city during it gives me a strong bond to it and those effected. The memory of such a horrid event makes me want to cry because it is just so unfair to think that so many innocent people had to die due to by someone else’s intention. I feel so personally affected by this and I can’t fully explain why. I climbed to the top of one of the towers in fourth grade, and I remember being in the city at times and seeing them standing. Now children will never have those experiences again.

Hopefully people will listen to the “Never Forget” symbol 9/11 now stands for and will learn from past mistakes. But already it seems as if the unity and security is faltering from what it once was directly after the event. Traveling on an airplane is still a pain in the ass, but there are so many reports that show how security levels have decreased drastically. How is that never forgetting? How is that fair to anyone? Once you start to believe you’re safe again is when horrible things can happen, and why would anyone want to relive such an experience? Time and time again history repeats itself, and no matter how many people repeat those words it still doesn’t seem to have made an impact.

My mema raised an interesting point with me though. She was expressing how she doesn’t find it fair that these memorials are created and these names recited. I find myself agreeing with her. In 100 years from now, no one is going to look at the memorials and fully understand their importance. They’re just for show, like a lot of things in our country. The names listed are going to have little impact on those who read them, similar to how a Pearl Harbor memorial might affect me. It definitely is sad, but it’s different than knowing them and being alive when the actual event has happened. There’s a sense of feeling removed from the event and those involved in it. No one will understand the memorial’s significance once 9/11 becomes a part of history where no one alive has any connection to anymore. Mema also pointed out how it’s almost unfair that these names are recited just because the people were killed in a horrific way. She lost her oldest daughter in a car accident when her daughter was only a teenager. That’s a horrific death, but her name wasn’t in the paper. And on the tenth anniversary of her death, the only people to mourn were her family members.

I do find myself defending America, especially New York, when anyone insults it in anyway despite how opposed to certain aspects I may be. I just really hope that people learn from this event and protect themselves without taking their safety for granted. I think that is the most important part of what we shouldn’t forget as Americans from the 9/11 attacks, not necessarily the names and ages of the deceased. I hope we make it a point to learn from history so nothing like this ever has to happen to our country again.

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