The Angry Realist

I had the realization recently that growing up isn’t easy or fun. It also isn’t a gradual process, and parts of it are really starting to overwhelm me. I finally found a job which I really enjoy (waitressing), and everything seemed to be going swimmingly. Until they fired my cousin, much to my dismay, and hired a new girl.

This new girl is a complete test on my patience with humans. I really try not to dislike people, and I rarely do. But I also have a strong dislike for people who have their underpants up their back for an entire shift. She shows off so much cleavage and just talks in a unrealistically high-pitched voice all day. The worst part is that she’s so damn NICE. I can’t tell if the whole airhead skanky girl thing is an unintentional act and that’s really how she is, or if she’s really got things figured out.

The worst part is that none of my bosses or managers see in a negative way. This girl can do absolutely nothing wrong. They apparently were trying to get her to work for them since October (not quite sure why), and now we’re blessed. Plus they’re giving her some of my hours, which I am completely not all right with and have made that perfectly clear.

It took me a really long time to get adapted to life after college, and I wasn’t doing so good right away. Now I’m finally feeling more comfortable and this girl is making me feel worse again.

Mainly I’m just disgusted that I have to do deal with a girl like her, who I have never had the misfortune of dealing with before. Just like my old job at the gym (which I ironically have decided to take up twice a week again for a little extra money), I didn’t think girls like this actually existed. Girls who think it’s okay to show off their butterfly tattoo on their breasts and their thongs to make extra money or get guys to talk to them. I’ve never been exposed to this really before, and I’m suffering and starting to miss people who I actually enjoy the company of.

So instead of dwelling on the negative, I decided to try to find a positive way of dealing with my unhappiness and annoyance. This should hopefully help me, especially since I’m gonna be at the gym again and dealing with men who constantly need to prove their manliness.

My epiphany: that this is just one of the parts of growing up. I now have to deal with people I otherwise would not have been exposed to on a daily basis, and just deal with it. Dealing with it will make me a strong person with a higher tolerance. I was fortunate in college because I was surrounded with people I liked who had similar views as me. Unfortunately, college doesn’t socially prepare you for the real world. It’s a bubble that bursts on graduation night throwing you into a reality you didn’t expect or know about.

Hopefully my technique works, but if not, I can always be proud that I’m above using my body to get better tips. I get good tips because I’m good at my job and I’m a competent person. I guess everyone has their own way to adapt and progress. I just feel bad for her that something in life taught her to act so tactless and ignorant then.

One thought on “The Angry Realist

  1. Well, this post spoke to me , for obvious reasons lol. I think your entire mental process about how we need to deal with people in life is true and all too often forgotten. In life, we don’t chose the people who we come in contact with, they just appear. Like annoying little gobblins. We surely can’t tell a client to fuck off, or else we lose a client and most likely a job…so I dig that. We have to deal with shitty poo heads. Her voice was incredibly annoying and her thongs were indeed always sticking way out of her ass. But, she was a nice person. and a bit of a lost soul. so we feel bad for her. for the record, id pay great tips for your body. great post. gurgles approves this message.

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