Sin City: A Dame to Kill For


I read my first Sin City graphic by Frank Miller, and I really really liked it! It was the second one, A Dame to Kill For, and it was so intense. I didn’t see the twists coming at all. I totally believed Ava whenever she first lied to Dwight, and was shocked at how manipulative she could be. It is really hard for me to imagine a girl that everyone easily falls in love with, but I definitely know some in real life. Actually, incidentally, I was thinking about those girls today and how I don’t understand how they can just get guys to fall in love with them without even doing much of anything. And I was wondering if they were aware that they were like that and they had this crazy “skill” (is that classified as a skill?). Anyway, Ava is 100% aware and uses it to her advantage…which ends up being her disadvantage. I was glad she got what she deserved, but I wish it was a little more drawn out. It was over so quickly! I can’t wait to read the rest. (:

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