The Alchemist


I just read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and I really really loved it. It was so short and such an easy read, but I feel like it had such a powerful message which really struck a chord for me. I’m definitely going through my post-college depression and wondering what the purpose of my life is and all that fun stuff, and this book made me feel a little more at ease. I liked how Santiago was able to connect with the universe and be at peace just by accepting that his goal in life was to work toward his dream. Literally. I think that is a great message for everyone – that you should strive to do the things you love and find what you dream about, because what else is life for? It shouldn’t be wasted doing pointless stuff and having a job you don’t care for, but it should be cherished and not wasted on silliness. That’s what I took away from it, and I guess that was an important message for me because that’s one of the little struggles I’m going through with my job and life lately. But don’t even get me started on all that. (;

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