The Hunger Games


I did it. I read Suzanne Collin’s The Hunger Games. And I know there are no similarities, but I couldn’t help comparing it to the Twilight Saga. Popular young adult series, movies being made, suddenly really popular…. I don’t know, it just kept happening.

It was good though. Not my favorite story, but good. It was just hard for me to get completely into it for some reason. Even though I read it in literally two days. I enjoyed the concept, because like I’ve said before, I love post-apocalyptic scenarios. And I really enjoyed how Katniss was as a person. But the romantic angle that started getting spun and is what I somehow know the rest of the series is going to be based around, I’m just eh about it all. I guess it’s hard for me to read about a 16-year-old falling in love and feel inspired or as if I’m relating to her. The evil, controlling government and the history I would LOVE to hear more about. And I’ll read the next ones for those purposes, but the romances… I just could care less.

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