Tuesdays with Morrie


This book really struck home for me since I recently lost my Mema a few months ago who I was really close with. Reading this book was almost weird with how many similarities there were between Morrie and my Mema. They both were aware of the situation at hand and had planned meetings with the people they loved to say goodbye. It was definitely the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life, but I cherish that opportunity and wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’ve only grown stronger from this, and this book was a perfect coping novel for me. Morrie was so optimistic and saw such beauty in life. I hope to live my own life in that way, which was also similar to how my Mema lived. They both didn’t let the trivial things get them down, and that’s so important I think. Especially coming from a person who ALWAYS let’s the menial things annoy her…. woops. Anyway, I think I would want to read it again and hold onto it whenever things are feeling particularly bleak for me. It’s a definite pick-me-up, for me anyway, and I’m so appreciative to the friend who lent it to me when he thought it was something that might help. Especially because I didn’t really believe anything could help at the time.

My mema was adorable. :b

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