American Gods


I finally got around to checking out Gaiman’s American Gods since I had heard it was his best novel, and seeing as I’ve loved everything else I’ve read by him, I figured I’d probably like this. WRONG. Unfortunately, so wrong. I was SO bored reading this novel. It had the longest and slowest build up ever to allusions of a war that doesn’t even end up happening! It happens for two pages and then Shadow chooses end it and bring the peace between the two opposing sides, exposing Wednesday and Loki. REALLY?! I was waiting for so long to read about a horrific war and finally have a little clarity about what the hell any of the characters were even talking about it, and then…nothing. So anticlimactic. Even with the true intentions of Wednesday and Loki out in the open, I felt bored. I didn’t see it coming at all, but then again, I felt like a lot of this book seriously went over my head.

The digressions every so often between chapters telling different stories seemingly unrelated to the plot…. yeah, I still don’t get why that happened. I see how he tried to give some background on gods and show how they were brought over to the United States, but he said that enough in the normal storyline. Why did we need these periodic irrelevant stories too? There was one story about a woman who came over and was taken to death (I think?) by a leprechaun or some weird fairy thing. Then another story about twins who were sold as twins and had a weird connection even though they never saw each other again. I get that these people brought their gods over with them to this country, but I don’t think I needed to read about individual stories for so long RIGHT in the middle of another, longer, more confusing story.

Yeah, sorry Neil Gaiman. But I actually really disliked this book. And it hurts me to say so because I do love you as an author.

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