Catching Fire & Hunger Games Movie


All right so remember that post where I said I read The Hunger Games and disliked it? Yeah, I take it back. A thousand times. Because after reading Catching Fire, I fell in love! I was so much more interested and realized I had completely misunderstood the purpose of this series. I thought Suzanne Collins was trying to rival the Twilight Saga and make a stupid romance story, but I actually really love it now. I find the story more compelling and the history of this crazy America that came to be this way so interesting.

I kind of saw that President Snow was going to throw Katniss and Peeta back in the arena when he mentioned that he wanted her to squash this uprising that she was unknowingly about to cause. The whole thing was so intense and pretty distressing while all these people are dying, and then suddenly… confusion. It was a planned scheme the entire time to keep Katniss alive and turn her into this image for uprising!? Woah. I was definitely caught off guard by that ending. And then District 12 is destroyed too as President Snow’s attempt at revenge!? Good job, Collins. Got me again.

As I was reading this, I also decided to watch the movie for The Hunger Games. I thought it was REALLY well done. Especially how they added in little parts from Catching Fire about the rebellions going on during the games and how President Snow was displeased with Katniss and with the gamemaker’s decision to keep her and Peeta both alive in the end. That would have been difficult and confusing to incorporate in the second movie I believe. It was also just well performed and well filmed I think. I really loved watching it.

My only complaint is that this is a young adult story! The writing is so simplistic and I just think there’s so much more potential for it! I wish it was an adult fiction story because it would feel more appropriate to me and I feel like she wouldn’t be holding back as much.

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