Obviously based on my last post, you can’t imagine that I went long waiting to finish the series, can you?

Anyway, so I actually did really like this book, although a lot of people I have talked to didn’t like it as much. It was definitely slow at times and I have to admit I was pretty sick of Katniss about halfway through the book. I totally understand that it was a horrible time for her and she was definitely suffering, but damn, how many mental breakdowns do we have to read about? It was literally just reading about how she was confused and didn’t know what to do and….yeah, I was a little bored by that redundancy.

However, I did like the story overall. I thought it was pretty disturbing and definitely beyond the young adult classification. People are dying in horrific ways- characters who we’ve developed emotional ties to as readers. Once again I felt like it was held back by this genre and could have been so much more! As I finished the book I remember thinking to myself that I wanted to cry for a little while and just lay down. Katniss’ life made me so sad, even the ending and Epilogue when it should’ve been happier or given more of a sense of comfort. Peeta and Katniss end up married and he basically convinces her to have children, even though she’s terrified and doesn’t want and the entire time during the pregnancy is scared and uncomfortable. Good husbandry, Peeta. Also the fact that they got married at all is shocking since he goes through periods when he becomes possessed and tries to kill her. Do those just somehow stop? I guess so if they live “happily” ever after. And Katniss just never sees Gale again, the end. No big deal. They weren’t best friends or he wasn’t a huge character, so we don’t want to know what happens to him anyway.

I was happy that Katniss killed Coin though. I was annoyed when she said she agreed with the idea of another Hunger Games featuring the children of people who had wronged them, though. Seriously? You suffered through two Hunger Games yourself, talked about how you couldn’t imagine how President Snow could do that and people could watch that for entertainment, and then as a tribute to your little sister’s death, you decide you want one? WHAT!?! Thank God she killed Coin, otherwise it would’ve been an example of history repeating and I probably would’ve thrown my book out a window before finishing.

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