The Hobbit


I’ve embarked on an adventure…An adventure into Middle Earth. That’s right, folks. I’m reading me some TOLKIEN!

I finished The Hobbit a week ago and have barely started scratching the surface of the first Lord of the Rings book. I’m really excited, though. This is a series I’ve been wanting to get into for awhile, and now I finally live with a roommate who has all of it!

The Hobbit I’ve actually read before. In 8th grade. So needless to say, I don’t remember much of it. But it is a really super easy read and I was able to finish it fairly quickly. I’m excited to see how the series matures, though. Some parts are a little bit too cheesy and happy ending-esque for me.

I love how Tolkien is so creative and detailed. He created a language which he could even speak, I mean that’s some serious author dedication there! Very impressive. And he has a map of an entire world laid out which he can easily navigate through. Obviously I think he’s amazing, but I’m more excited for the trilogy. I just wanted this initial background first (and the movie is coming out soon, duh). So basically stay updated for when I ACTUALLY get into this crazy, confusing, and enticing world that Tolkien has made for us!

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