LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring


Yaaaaaay I read it! And I’m actually halfway through the second book but I’m bad at posting lately.

Mostly it’s very disappointing to read this series since I already know how it all ends. I keep reading things and when I start to recognize things, I’m basically thinking two steps ahead and waiting for the next character to die (or resurrect). And if I don’t recognize something, my immediate thought is “I don’t remember that from the movie, THEY LEFT IT OUT!” Or I just think that I need to re-watch the series…Which I probably do.

It’s seriously such a bad feeling to have watched the movie first. Luckily this is an awesome movie series, but still. It’s kind of ruining the series for me.

Besides that, it is still interesting to be inside Tolkien’s warped and intricate mind. Someone was telling me the other day that they thought that Tolkien was a terrible writer, but had great and profound ideas. I don’t even think he’s necessarily a bad writer, though. Sure there’s some things that happen grammatically that make me grit my teeth, but I also think that maybe there were some different rules in that time (maybe? hopefully?). Such as not putting punctuation inside quotation marks. It’s terrible, but I’m assuming (and I don’t want to know if I’m wrong honestly) that this was somehow right.

I also still have yet to see The Hobbit MOVIE! I have to get on that, I know. Maybe tonight. Maybe not though.

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