LOTR: The Two Towers & Return of the King


I’ve finally finished the series! I can’t say that I’m disappointed either. Reading The Hobbit went by a lot quicker and when I embarked on this journey (get it?!), my enthusiasm definitely grew less and less the more I read.

I really love the stories, especially the fight scenes, and I think Tolkien is so creative and inspired to have made such a complicated world to be god of. But I do think the stories drag A LOT. Especially having to read every detail of what this mountain looked like, or the character of that tree. And when he would list names of places and people I basically skimmed through those parts because I didn’t even know who the hell he was talking about after awhile. My least favorite thing was when he wrote something in elvish or orc or some language he created, and then gave noreturn translation! It was basically reading a few lines of jibberish and I guess he wanted us to probably skip to the appendix in the back and translate, but no. I draw the line there, Tolkien. I’ll use surrounding content to draw my own conclusions.

Aragorn and Legolas are my favorite characters, even though Legolas is definitely not as major a character as the movies made him into. Same with Arwen, which is definitely Aragorn’s cousin. People need to stop marrying cousins in nerd-craze series because they’re going to start putting ideas into fans’ heads….

….I also really like all the hobbits, maybe because I’m short, also. EXCEPT, Frodo. And I felt this way in the movies too, but I just get so annoyed with him complaining and being depressed all the time. I understand that it’s because of the ring; it weighs him down, breaks his spirit, the darkness is inside him after he gets stabbed… I fully understand and accept that. It still annoys me, though. In the end when Saruman is about to leave the Shire, he won’t let anyone kill him because he pities him since he’s pathetic. Whatever, man. Just let Merry and Pippin kill him so you don’t have to worry about him anymore! I guess it’s easy not to care if you want to leave Middle Earth forever anyway, but geez Frodo, give a shit about someone OTHER than yourself for five seconds. That’s my opinion anyway, and I know a lot of more dire fans (like my boyfriend) would disagree wholeheartedly with me.

Besides the dragging and Tolkien generally just getting caught up in his own world, I still do love the series. And I’m happy I’ve finally read it because I really did want to for so long. But will I read it again? Well, I’ll probably just stick to watching the movies.

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