Dating Game


I want to start posting my own stories and writing here! This is called Dating Game. It’s pretty simplistic because I was experimenting and trying to write a story with only dialogue. I wanted to see if I could convey a story and how confusing it would seem without ever indicating time, place, or who is speaking. I wasn’t even going to name the characters at first, but I did towards the end finally. This isn’t the best example of my writing or my style, but it was still fun to do. And it was just a nice, easy little exercise I gave myself!


“So you just like, met him online? From a dating site or what?”

“No, it wasn’t a dating site.”

“It wasn’t? Then what was it? Did you find him on Facebook?”

“No, not Facebook.”

“Then what?”

“Well, we met on, uh, on a game.”

“A game? What games do you play on the computer?”

“World of Warcraft.”

“Seriously? You play World of Warcraft?”

“How didn’t you know this? You’ve been my best friend for five years!”

“I guess when I saw you sitting at your computer, I kind of just assumed you were on Facebook or doing homework or something, I don’t know, normal? I didn’t know you were playing World of Warcraft! Geez, my weird cousin plays that game! You know him, Andrew, the one with the glasses and really really bad acne. He’s such a dork! I bet ninety-five percent of the guys who play that game are total outcasts and losers!”

“Well, this guy is different. His name is Phil, by the way.”

“All right then. Phil. Okay can we go in my room and talk about this? I want to hear about your date, but I don’t want my parents to overhear and think I’m meeting strangers off the internet now. They just started accepting that I go out regularly with guys who I actually know aren’t serial killers.”

“How do you know boys from our classes aren’t murderers? You don’t until you get to talk to them, so stop judging. Phil is a completely normal guy who likes to play a video game that I also like to play.”

“All right, all right. Geez, I’m sorry. Just sit down on the bed and tell me all about Phil.  And lower your damn voice.”

“Fine, fine. I mean I don’t know what you’re expecting me to tell you, but I feel like you’re a psychologist trying to diagnose me or something with the way you’re sitting in your chair looking at me.”

“Fine, I’ll sit on the bed with you. Better? What did you guys do?”

“Thank you. He took me out to eat. We went to that new Italian restaurant, Fra Amici, on Friday night.”

“Oh nice! How is it there? I’ve been wanting to go since I heard they were opening a new Italian restaurant there. I love Italian food, it’s my favorite. What’d you eat? God, I’m so hungry right now.”

“Woah. You need to calm down about the food here, Gabby. It was good, I guess. I mean I wasn’t really paying that much attention to the food to be honest. I was SO nervous and also pretty scared I’d spill food on myself. But if you really want to know, I ate chicken parm and spaghetti.”

“Mmm I love chicken parm.”

“Right. Okay. So he made reservations at six and it’s a nice place, y’know, so I dressed up for it. I wore that black and white polka dotted dress and straightened my hair, put on some makeup. It was really fun to have a reason to get dressed up for once.”

“Oh I love that dress. And wow you really went the whole nine yards for this date didn’t you? So he was normal? He wasn’t totally geeky and weird?”

“He’s definitely geeky, but in a good way. I liked it. He collects vintage comic books and action figures. Maybe that’s weird to you but I think it’s so cute.”

“Oh my god, you’re totally blushing! Wow. So you and Phil, huh?”

“Shut up! I don’t even know what this is going to be. I hope so though. We’ve been texting but haven’t made any plans to hang out again yet so that’s a little weird.”

“Tell me more about the date. Was it romantic?”

“Yeah it was really cute. The whole place is super dim and lit mostly by candles. Every table had a cute little candle in the center. And we got a bottle of wine and got really silly and it was just nice. We had appetizers and bread and salad and then the dinner, and we even split a dessert. I swear I only eat that much when I go out to dinner with my parents and they’re buying, but I figured this was special so I tried not to care. I don’t want to be one of those girls who go on a date and eats like a bird, so I let myself relax and it was surprisingly easy with him! I feel like I’ve known him for years already.”

“So you pigged out with him, that’s nice. OW! Don’t throw shit at me, I don’t want you to break anything! Did Phil the great pay for your dinner?”

“Yeah he did actually. He’s really sweet. He’s not as creepy as the freakshow I’m sure you’re imagining. This isn’t television, Gab, this is real life and not everyone has some crazy back story or ulterior motive. Some people are just nice because they want to be.”

“Sure Steph. Did you put out?”

“Seriously Gabby? What does that matter?”

“Oh wow! You did, didn’t you? Ya little skank! Must have been a good date; I don’t remember the last time you told me you slept with someone. When was the last time?”

“Uh, well, with Greg I suppose.”

“Oh my god, you really haven’t had sex in two years? You’re like an old widow.”

“Or I just know how to choose people who are worth it rather than award everyone with a prize after they go on a date with me.”

“Whatever, I have no issues with my lifestyle. Young, wild, and free, right?”

“Sure, Gab. Oh crap, my mom is calling me. I think she wanted me to come home for dinner with my brothers tonight. Miles is back from college for spring break so I guess I should see him, huh? I’ll let you know what happens.”

“Yes, please keep me posted with your updates on reactivated sex life!”

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