This was a recent work of mine entitled “Charlie” (simple title for a simple story). It was based off a prompt for meeting, which is leaning towards my weak points of romantic stories. So yeah, I struggled with this one. Hopefully people enjoy it!


“I love you so much, baby! Do you love me too?” He kisses my nose in response. Then my cheeks, my lips, my forehead. He’s kissing all over my face until I push him off of me. “Charlie,” I laugh. “Go away!”

He sits back down next to me and we enjoy each other in silence. He was everything I could ever want and more, and whenever I look at him I am reminded of that. He makes me feel so safe when I’m with him and I know he’ll go out of his way to try and protect me, even when it isn’t entirely necessary.

I feel my body sink into the couch and expand into the fluffy cushions as a favorite memory of mine envelops me – the first time we met. I feel Charlie next to me, equally comfortable and, I like to pretend, stuck in the same part of the past as I am.

When I first saw him, I felt my heart race and my breath catch in my throat. How could one thing be so appealing to me in every way possible? There was a clear understanding that he would spend the rest of his life with me.

Two of his brothers surrounded him as they played with a frisbee, but he was much smaller than them. That was what made him first stick out to me; so small yet I could tell there was an energy within him that made up for his tinier frame. And regardless, standing at full height he was definitely taller than me anyway.

I watched him play until he noticed me, and that’s when my stomach dropped; I saw his amazing eyes as they first took in my face. I always had a thing for green eyes, but his sparkled when the light hit them, showing me two beautiful emeralds. The fire that burned inside him shot out through his bright eyes, putting me under his spell.

Charlie also had this permanent grin that stuck on his face which made me smile without even realizing I was doing it. I felt possessed by the need to hug him, touch him, kiss him all over his face. There wasn’t anything that worried him in the world, and it was apparent with just one glance at his gleaming eyes and lopsided smile.

Since our first encounter, my mood has improved as a whole. I laugh and smile more, show him off to all my friends and family, post pictures of us on every social media outlet imaginable. I am finally happy; my search for perfection was finally over and I couldn’t be more pleased with my decision and where it has brought me.

The first moment our eyes locked, he lost interest in his game and began walking toward me as if under some spell. I was shocked at how shy he appeared, which is hard to believe based on how outgoing he’s become since moving in with me. With eyes pointed down at the ground, he walked his hypnotized path directly to me without ever looking up to see if he had to reroute. He didn’t have to, of course, because I never faltered. When he finally did look up again, his grin spread even wider and he ran to me, planting kisses all over my cheeks. He claimed me as his own and I accepted him with open arms.

Not soon after those first kisses I was filling out the proper adoption papers with his breeder and bringing my new puppy home to meet my husband.

Yep. Tried to write a piece about a man and woman meeting and falling in love, riddled it with cliches, and then I ended up making it about a puppy. Guess I won’t be writing the next Twilight saga after all.

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