Don’t Worry, It Gets Worse


Alida Nugent’s novel Don’t Worry, It Gets Worse really struck me in one of those “holy shit, this is about ME!” kind of ways. That being said, I’m still trying to figure out if that’s a good thing or not.

As I was reading this book, there were many moments where I looked away laughing and thinking to myself about the time that SAME EXACT instance happened to me or a friend. Unsure of future? Duh. The nagging, immortal feeling that your English degree really isn’t going to bring you somewhere that you’ll be able to make a living while simultaneously loving your job? It might as well be written on my diploma. The gripping panic attacks and fear? Yes and yes, those were (and are, let’s be serious) fun times. Being way too drunk with way too little money out way too late? UGH. Topless friends at parties? Okay seriously, it’s getting weird how similar this all is.

I truly think that this is a great book to read when you’ve just graduated college and you’re feeling terrified and uncertain. It basically affirms that yes, you should be feeling this way and it’s perfectly normal. CALM DOWN. Where was this book last year when I needed it and was searching for that simple answer everywhere?!

Besides that I think she’s really funny. It’s official – Alida wins. She’s ACTUALLY funny, while I’m over here still thinking about it. I’m just a total amateur in comparison and I’m really fine with it. Her comedic narrative voice reminds me of one of best friends, too, making this book even more relatable for me.

Basically I highly recommend this book, especially to someone who is worried after graduating college (aka every single person I know). There was some solid advice, which I actually took very seriously and was able to apply toward things currently happening in my life. Many people I know (MEEE ME ME ME!!) are very lazy, especially when it comes to achieving things that we really want. And her advice was to never become stagnant and to always keep pushing; don’t let yourself regress. I think that is SO important. It’s incredibly easy to become comfortable and stop pursuing things we want, especially if they seem impossibly unattainable and especially after pushing ourselves through crap jobs and school for so many years. We get a break now, right? Or at least we feel entitled to one. Her message kind of made me open my eyes a little further and re-inspired me (because it’s there, somewhere, buried underneath all the pizza and Breaking Bad) to really try again.

This feels like such a sappy post but, dammit, it’s true!

I left this book feeling really inspired, and I think that’s a lot more than I can say for most books targeted towards recent grads and the perils of post-graduate life. I feel like all I can say is, “Thanks, Alida.” I’m happy to have my eyes open again instead of slowly drooping closed into a comfortable half-awake state.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Worry, It Gets Worse

  1. t1nydancaa says:

    Nice – definitely do! It’s such a quick read, too.

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