Just Bein’ Awkward, Nerdy ME!

I read this post before from Thought Catalog, and it seriously made me smile. Finally someone understands everything that I dislike about Zooey Deschanel!

It’s not that I don’t think she’s fine (I guess) as an actress — she does the job and people like her, so something must be working. But what exactly is it that makes her so successful? I don’t think she’s particularly funny; a lot of her humor seems forced and cheesy. And it’s not like she’s taking on roles that are all that different to show her versatility as an actress — she’s a total character type: the awkward, quirky nerd!

Everyone wants to be an individual, and who can judge them for that? I want to be unique, too. Zooey has become a model for originality even though she does the same thing again and again. She wears thick framed glasses, twirls around wearing a tutu, and stutters gibberish to a boy she likes while they pretend to be unphased. Audiences eat it up and commend her as some awkward groundbreaker while I simply feel annoyed. If I want to see an actor appear awkward, I’ll watch Michael Cera. He genuinely makes me cringe and feel uncomfortable, whereas Zooey uses it to showcase her positive attributes.

The other difference between her and someone who is actually awkward is that she’s fucking hot. If goddamn Zooey Deschanel twirls her hair and bats her eyelashes while wearing dinosaur footie pajamas, there are very few people that I can think of who would walk away with even an eyebrow raised. But if some random person on the street did that you better believe most people would have their cell phones out to call the police, clutching mace in their pocket just in case.

She reminds me strongly of the nerdy girls who are actually just really cute girls posing “like a nerd.

So what the hell does looking nerdy even mean? If we start basing things off of a certain ‘look,’ then that must mean that someone who wears over-sized glasses is prone to enjoy comic books and video games more than someone, like me, who has been lucky enough to not need glasses so far in life. Which means that before birth when genetics were split up, somehow it was predetermined that their crappy eyesight would lead to an enjoyment of all things academic while my good eyesight pushed me toward other hobbies. Right.

Genuinely being awkward or considering yourself a geek are not classifications that most people would choose to describe themselves, particularly when it comes to the original intentions of the words. Self-proclaimed awkward nerds aren’t those things — not really, anyway. It’s easy to get caught up in trends because seeing others dress and act the same way makes it more comfortable. But like Zooey stuck in her perpetual quirky onscreen character, they’re just the same person doing the same thing they’ve always done: picking up on developing fads and adapting to the role. 

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