Social Media Spoiler Alerts

spoilerThis is a mother fuckin’ rant, so be prepared.

I am ANNOYED, world. I’m annoyed at people who post spoilers of television shows I like on their damn Facebook statuses. I don’t use Facebook THAT much comparatively, and I don’t even watch that much television. But you can be damn sure that whenever I log in the day a show I happen to like comes out, sitting on my newsfeed is some asshat who gives the episode synopsis and ruins everything I was looking forward to watching.

Take last night for example. I’m about to go to sleep and decide to browse Facebook right before. I don’t even know why I did it, and now it’s my biggest regret of the day. And why is that? Because as soon as I log in I see a Walking Dead spoiler from the mid-season episode where I know shit is about to go down. And now I know exactly who went down, because of this one fucker who had to put a Rest In Peace status to this fictional character. THANKS A LOT BUDDY — I’M SURE HE’S REALLY HAPPY TO KNOW THAT YOU’LL MISS HIM. Almost as much as I’m sure he’ll miss having a job!

So fuck it. No Facebook for me today. Fine. Sometimes I like to browse Instagram, especially when I have a notification. This morning was one of those times. And what do I see? Another Walking Dead post with the dead guy’s picture by another moron writing how much they’ll miss them.


This used to happen with Breaking Bad which drove me crazier, because that was a way better show. It drives me crazy because it seems so obvious to not do that.  Sometimes people don’t have cable, enjoy watching television, and need to wait until shows become streamable. There should be a spoiler alert function for social media. Or maybe I should just realize that idiots exist and post things with a disregard to others.

I’m going to adopt a ‘No Social Media Sunday’ routine since that’s when a lot of shows I like premiere anyway. But this post was necessary because I had to complain about this crap. If you’re one of those people who posts spoilers, stop it — no one likes you.


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