Sorry for the Christmas Sneer

Boring-ChristmasIt’s Christmastime and I’m sitting in the office for the construction company I work at doing work that isn’t time sensitive. Is this really how the holidays are celebrated these days? Work up to the very last minute, then you’re pushed into mass transit to sit in uncomfortable traffic, finally making it to your family where you’re too exhausted from working all day to actually appreciate the holidays to their full extent.

I guess you can say I’m not exactly tingling with Christmas cheer right now. It might be the fact that I have to be here at all today. I thought that when I stopped waitressing, it meant I was done working right up until the last possible second before the holidays technically begin. No more working Christmas and New Year’s Eves, no working the morning after the holidays at the earliest possible shift. Apparently I joined one of the few (in comparison to my friends) office gigs that has only five holiday days off per year, with no surrounding leeway.

I think it’s a silly notion that people don’t get an adequate amount of time off for holidays. How many of us are really lucky enough to see our families all the time? I don’t get to see my aunt and uncle that much and I really miss them, but TOO DAMN BAD — the construction industry needs me to alphabetize next year’s Christmas card recipient list! Sorry Aunt Chrissy, maybe next year if (/when) I have a new job!

It sucks sucks sucks. I want to stamp my feet and whine while lightly slapping someone’s arm. Let me go home! Let my coworkers go home! Let all the people working today go home, because all this work can WAIT! It can wait until people aren’t feeling stressed and overwhelmed. It can wait until we feel relaxed, after a much needed break from the monotony of a five day workweek. We need to stop rushing the vacations and downtime days, and just accept that our bodies and minds need them.

The workplace would be a much happier, more positive environment without boiling in a pot of stressed, overworked, overtired minds.

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