Valentine’s Day is for Everyone

378Some people get upset — and I mean upset — about being single on Valentine’s Day. They shame people for having significant others, or passive aggressively state how they don’t give a shit regardless. I’m choosing to look on the bright side for my situation.

Me and my boyfriend recently broke up. Like a week ago, recent. I’m probably justified to be a little upset today, and I honestly expected it. I fully planned to cry, mope around, avoid looking at Facebook so I wouldn’t see happy, mushy statuses. Then spend a night alone watching romcoms and eating ice cream cones. But here I find myself going through the motions of the day, and where I expected to feel miserable, I find that I actually don’t.

This holiday isn’t only for people who have a significant other. Valentine’s Day is a time to rejoice in love. Love you have for your friends, love for your family, love for yourself. If anything, going through a breakup has shown me that I’m surrounded by a whole lotta love rather than make me feel desperately alone.

Instead of dwelling and thinking of what could have been or wondering what things I did wrong, I’m prioritizing myself. What are the things that I want to do the most? Because in the end, that’s all that matters. Not what someone else says about me, not the false sense of security being in a relationship can give, and not if I’ll have a date for [insert random event here]. Before pursuing a relationship, I need to make myself feel safe and know that I can work through any problems alone. Otherwise I would be relying on someone else to make me feel good, and if/when they’re gone, I’d have a lot more to deal with than a broken heart.

So single friends of Valentine’s Day, rather than thinking of how unhappy you are that you’re single or wishing you had a person to spend the holiday with, I say just spend it with yourself. Let people in relationships enjoy Valentine’s Day, and enjoy it in your own way. Love yourself, because in the end, that’s the only person whose opinion matters and it’s the first person whose devotion is needed before considering sharing your life with someone else.

As for me, I’ll be returning some gifts and going out to dinner with my brothers tonight. And at night, I’ll fall asleep by myself — I won’t cry, I won’t worry if I’ll be single forever, and I won’t be counting my faults. With a Valentine or without one, I’m content. And I hope that you all are, too.

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One thought on “Valentine’s Day is for Everyone

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