18 Struggles Only Over-Thinkers Will Understand | Thought Catalog

18 Struggles Only Over-Thinkers Will Understand | Thought Catalog

I don’t really reblog others, buuuuttt this list is actually a VERY accurate compilation of how I approach every day issues and has got me [over]thinking.

It’s such a problem that sometimes I overthink my overthinking, evaluating it and wondering what I can do to fix it. Why is this something I do? How come it preoccupies so much of my headspace? Does this mean there’s something wrong with me? What’s wrong with me? I try to exercise restraint on my mind, but it’s usually a battle my willpower enters with a defeatist attitude. Calming down and relaxing are not remotely feasible until I have processed every single possibility; distractions will only prolong the inevitable scenario, which is me leaving some time to spare as I plunge headfirst into my thought pool.

These nagging, endless thoughts become particularly pertinent right as I’m about to fall asleep. Nice, warm, comfy in bed when suddenly…can people choke on their tongues in their sleep? 

Like…what? Why? Where did you even come from?! My daytime brain is bright and airy but once the sun goes down, it turns as dark as the sky.

Mostly my overanalyzing nature becomes an actual problem when I’m unable to move on. There’s an obsessive compulsive tinge to being an overthinker, especially when there’s just no answer. There’s a reason for everything (Right? Please?!), but when those sneaky, unanswerable questions slither into my mind, I can’t shake them until I can find some sort of response to give. The only requirement of ridding myself of these burdens is to find an answer that makes sense and leaves no doubt that it is the only option. Otherwise it becomes like an unreachable itch; I might forget about it for an hour, a day, a year — but it’ll be back to remind me that I never gave it an ending.

This is my gift and my curse. I enjoy some of the truly insightful and amazing conclusions I’ve come to; I’m able to really flush out my problems and remain levelheaded as I work them out; I see every unflattering side to the situations I find myself in. But sometimes, exploring my own mind scares me more than any irrational fear I may have.

18 Struggles Only Over-Thinkers Will Understand | Thought Catalog.

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