Look Me in the Eye

I juLook Me in the Eyest finished (like yesterday morning) Look Me in the Eye by John Elder Robison, AKA the brother of one of my favorite authors, Augusten Burroughs. It was an honest and funny read about his life with mostly undiagnosed Asperger’s (he was diagnosed at age 40 I believe).

He’s so aware of his condition and able to write with such genuine introspection that it makes everything he writes feel so real. The struggle is actually real, and it’s brought on by undiagnosed disorders and all the repercussions of them. Robison evaluates his habits and compares them to someone who doesn’t have Asperger’s, then tries to imitate how he has observed others acting so he can fit in better. It’s very interesting to be able to get this sort of insight into how someone’s disorder effects them, and I truly enjoyed his awareness of societal norms juxtaposed with how Asperger’s makes him stand out as “different.” I think this novel offers a very unique perspective, and it isn’t boring to read, either — he has a humorous voice and I thoroughly enjoyed learning about his life.

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