tumblr_m2wwpzTzh91qlk01uo1_1280Recently I have fallen down the slippery slope of cat-ladydom and am not entirely sure how I got here. Everything seemed to happen so quickly!

I’ve always loved and grew up around cats. And when I say love, I mean that I was crazy allergic to and hated them for a few years. These allergies followed me through high school and into college; it was so intense that I couldn’t be around a cat for more than an hour or so without sneezing. Fast forward to present day me showing off cat pictures from my phone to any fool I could trick into looking at my screen.

I recognize that at some point in the past few years having a cat has become a thing. I know tons of people who have cats and have been told by many others that they don’t understand why everyone, particularly in Brooklyn, seems to own one. After browsing pretty much any kind of site with pictures, it is guaranteed that an adorable picture of a kitten will wind up on your screen leaving your eyes flooded with tears.

Currently I am at a point in my life where I can honestly say that I prefer dogs to cats still. And yet I find myself missing my cat when separated from her for more than two days. I’m sure one day I will be the person with four dogs, but they’ll have to get along with all the cats I accumulate on the way.

During my senior year of college, I realized that being single sucked and screw boys, I wanted a furry friend to cuddle up with at night. It was a point where I pretty much needed something, ANYTHING to love me back, so that was when I decided I would get a pet.

However I didn’t buy a cat because I noticed that other people were. I ran through my options in a responsible way, and during that journey, came to a few realizations about the type of person I am based on my judgments over certain animals.

  • Bunnies poop far too frequently for me to want to really touch one. Seriously. I’ve watched little pellets falling out of them as they’re happily hopping around unaware that they’re even having bowel movements anymore.
  • Ferrets seemed perfect. They steal your keys (aww!), are a maybe a little bit stinky, but I wanted one. My roommates said no for some reason though and I since haven’t revisited the idea. YET.
  • Dogs. YES! PLEASE! But I was not able to exert that much effort into raising and caring for a pup while working 30 hours a week plus attending college full-time. Like I said before, one day…
  • Gerbils and hamsters…I honestly don’t fully understand why people own these animals. I think they’re cute, but really I don’t see the appeal of having them as pets. I wanted(/needed) something that loved me, dammit, and these little furballs mostly made me end up feeling bad for them stuck in their containers.ava

This left cats, which were animals I wanted to love but was instead forced into an allergy-induced hatred of for the past few years. Then I met my little Ava monster and the allergies haven’t bothered me since. Maybe it’s luck, maybe it’s coincidence, maybe it’s the fact that she has long fur. After four years and it officially being my longest relationship with any other living thing to date, I call it a love based on fate.

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