I was Shamed by Shaming Articles

I’ll still accept silly/adorable dog shaming posts, however.

I often find myself completely contradicting my own thoughts and opinions, resulting in total hypocrisy and me feeling like an ass. It’s an unnerving concept to think of because I like to believe that I’m pretty steadfast in my opinions, but certain topics throw me into a total tailspin. Just the other day I reprimanded my boyfriend for talking about work so often as I seamlessly went into a tangent about my own job and freelance work. He called me out on my hypocrisy, but I noticed it while the thoughts were still bubbling around in my mind.

There’s relief in the topics where I know I won’t waiver. Gay and lesbian couples have the right to marry; trans people don’t deserve judgment and should be able to identify however they’d like; women don’t deserve to be criticized for enjoying sex; vaccinations are crucial and not vaccinating your children is an outrageous fad — essentially the theme is that people should be nice and respectful while reserving judgment toward others.

Often my doubts and hypocrisy come into play when people talk about all the different kinds of shaming. Slut shaming, skinny shaming, fat shaming, blonde shaming, gluten shaming (xoJane actually an article about this and I cringed the entire way through)…the list goes on and on, becoming more obscure as the demand increases. If you have a physical or emotional attribute, you bet your ass you can be shamed for it. Just browse through xoJane and search “shaming” where you’ll find a slew of women who are unhappy with how someone treated them. It oftentimes isn’t shaming but people having a conversation where one party felt offended, and rather than stand up to this person, they write passive aggressive articles online to vent their feelings.

Here’s where I feel torn by hypocrisy. When I ask myself how I feel about these issues, I become overwhelmed and can’t come up with a clear answer. I don’t think there’s a need to tell anyone your thoughts on their weight, but then I contradict myself because I also don’t feel like issues like obesity shouldn’t be ignored. My opinions are split as I can see the rationale to both sides of the argument.

This is the sort of controversial article that I’ll get a lot of eye rolls for, but that’s what I get for opening my blog up to the public I guess. I’ve just been feeling lately that there’s too much political correctness going on, which is just an excuse for everyone to play the victim and garner sympathy. I hope for an end to the excessive amounts of “I Was ______ Shamed by ______” articles because they’re petty and obnoxious. Rather than post quality material, shaming articles have become a cop out for writers to build their portfolios and for websites to gain more views on their pages. Here’s to hoping the fad dies out sooner rather than later.

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