About This Nicole


20-something. Copywriter. Copy Editor. Feminist. Animal lover. Cyclist.
Professional people pleaser. Living in Brooklyn, NY.

I love talking to people (and let’s be realistic, most animals), and I’m always looking for a new adventure. I love writing, especially fiction or creative nonfiction, and editing satisfies my self-diagnosed OCD just perfectly. Learning different languages and about different cultures is a passion of mine—I’ve studied Italian and a little bit of Spanish so far. I want to go to every single country in the world and visit every state, preferably on the saddle of my sexy pink Schwinn with my cat along for the ride. I’m overly ambitious in all the best ways, and sometimes I can almost convince myself that I have my life together. I genuinely do think I’m funny, but I’m still at the level where I receive mostly polite laughter in response.